Monday, June 30, 2014

June bugs.

May brought kittens, June brought flies.  June is a bitch.
Momma Sugar and Cali, the day we met. 

Sugar was living at a beach shack next door with her kittens.

Here are all 4 of the little devils.  I like cats, but not what they do to the birds!  
At least these 4 won't be having kittens.  

Sugar checks out the view from the roof.

Sugar and Maldi have a tentative peace.  
She's already proven herself to be a good mouser!  

Daisy and pals play with their new toys, thanks to Lisa and Tim!

Xmul prefers Mo to toys.  Happy dogs at sunset.

Lovely Xmul.

Not so much lovely as loved.  
Ziggy naps. 

A group of orange ants was standing motionless on a new shoot of our nopal.  They caught my eye because it looked like a bloom, but nopal doesn't have orange flowers.  They were so still that I touched them, thinking it was some kind of fungus.  Nope, just ants having a meeting.  I'll update when I identify the species.

The dogs do their best impression of ants.  
Hey!  No dogs allowed on the tabl.... ah, forget it. 

Elewah and Sean.

Her darling daughter Lily, and a napping Frankie.

Blue leads Zoot, Amber, and gang.
Siblings Zoot and Amber have not wanted to go out for months!  So odd.

Finally, success -we convinced/tricked them, and
Amber couldn't be happier! 

Zoot also seems to have forgotten what all the fuss was about.
Zasu, Zoot, Rita, Monkey and Tito head home.

A good representation of Ginger -doing her own thing. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mayday for turtles

All of the photos in this post were taken by Sean (with our sturdy, waterproof, slightly low-res camera).  The salt ponds and surrounding woods have steadily been drying out.  
Xmul and friends cross what's left of a pond.

On the mornings that Sean runs he goes about 8k, with 9 dogs, and takes drinking water ...for the dogs.  Everybody (except Sean apparently) loves to drink out of the bottle.
Tori, Xmul, Luna and Truman have a slurp.

Xmul, Tori and Murci have a drink.

Oh, Steve.  Not a thinker, but at least he's handsome.

Horrible!  Frankie next to a huge turtle shell, nowhere near the beach; obviously poached, gutted and dumped.

To the beach!  Tori, Linda and Twiggy.

Note the new house in the background; it is not only illegal (construction has been halted by an environmental agency for now), but also completely asinine to build so close to the water.  I look forward to seeing it crumble into the Gulf.  This entitled nonsense, including the compulsion of homeowners to remove beach scrub, and install street and porch lights, does more to harm the turtles than the poachers.

Two of our biggest fans of the beach, Rufus and Linda!

PuppyG is rocking a new haircut!

Linda, PuppyG and Rufus!

King George and Xmul.  George has been with us for a long time; he is worshiped and beloved by all the younger dogs. 

Late in the month, the flooded roads are drying up.  
Puddle jumping with Daisy,Tori, Mo, Chester (weird, he doesn't usually get wet ...maybe George knocked him in), George, and Bosha to the right.

Murci leads a happy group across land that was underwater a month ago.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April update

Beautiful weather has made for bug-free walks, better moods, and a tidier yard.
On walks, Ginger has been helping to fill the void left by the death of her sister. 
She is great company.

Ginger Pudding.  Prettier than ever, with a touch of gray.

Roxy completed her heartworm treatment and is doing great!  We'll have her tested in a few months to make sure they're gone.  
Ginger and Roxy.

Linda and Roxy. 

Except for the shaved patch at the injection site on her back, there's no hint that she was recently on Death's door.
Bette's hips haven't been bothering her.

Bette seizes the day!

Monkey has been with us for 4 years; she's an absolute brat and I adore her!

In the yard, Archie is our most dedicated watchdog.

Out of the yard, he prefers to roll in filth.

Murci has finally been spayed.  She and Hazel had to be kept apart for a few days while she recuperated and Hazel was noticeably depressed about it.  Murci is a tad taller than Hazel, mid-sized, but bigger than we initially expected.

They're back together again and all is right with the world!
Murci(élago) -air attack.

Lovely Xmul is back with us for a few months.

Tori, in front, has been with us a year!
Happy Anniversary Tori Monster!  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Win some. Lose some.

As of December, Ernie has been with us 6 years.
His snore is something you have to hear to believe.

At the end of January a long run of fence was stolen from the rental property, and another attempt was made to remove a door.  Without a perimeter fence the lot is useless to us.  Disappointed, but glad for resolution, we removed all the improvements, including the remaining fence, and we'll use them when we buy a property. 

Our beautiful Lucy died February 19th.  Her passing hit me hard; she was one of my best friends and left us too soon.

17 year old cat Spot has good days, and not so good days. We put a few steps to the roof and a rail on the casita for him.  Both he and Maldi have been enjoying the new views.

Roxy is doing well with the treatments for heartworm.

We call Hazel, Murci and Tori The Heroic Trio.  They play together like this for hours every day.  This Bumi is their favorite thing in the world. 

Same game, different day.

Daisy had a run in with something in the yard during the night.  
She looked like this early in the morning.

It started as a few bumps and a little swelling, then quickly turned ugly.  
She needed an injection of corticosteroid, and some antibiotics.

She's fine now, though we still don't know what caused it.

Steve McQueen had a tiny bit of the same thing, but was likely spared worse by being a complete scaredy-cat.  
Pete & Steve play another round of the ongoing game -who's taller?! (spoiler:it's Steve.)

Xmul visited for a few days.  

Full-on Linda cuteness.