Monday, October 10, 2016


This poor girl was hit by a car at the gasolinera and survived.

Her back legs are paralyzed, so she'd been dragging herself over hot asphalt for weeks.

She found refuge from the heat on an unused boat. No idea how she managed to drag herself on board.

Not sure how we'll manage but she needed help and we couldn't leave her.

She's a bag of bones and covered in wounds.

We're calling her Frida.

She's a sweetheart. We have her in a pen for now but she wants to be with the other dogs.

She'll be visiting the vet tomorrow. For now she's happy to have food, water and belly rubs. She's good at dragging herself but I need to figure out how to build a dog wheelchair/dune buggy.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

more of the same

This summer has been full of loss, even the oriole chicks in the neem tree came to a sad end. Too soon after losing Godzilla, her father George got sick and did not recover. He died in August. 
He had bounced back from heart worm, paralysis and ehrliciosis to enjoy years of morning runs. It was a shock. 
Flashback to George and young Godzilla with Gracie.

He was a huge part of our family for a long time. I learned a lot from George.
George and Godzilla. Loved and missed.

I'll spare you the photos of Monkey's eye cyst (I think she just likes to go to the vet) and Nico's swollen leg (poor thing can't catch a break). There aren't many fun pictures because we don't have a point & click camera at the moment and the Nikon is too cumbersome for most outings. Between the 10-12 bags of kibble a month and a never ending string of vet/medication costs, a new camera is not a priority.

A walk with Zasu is worth taking the Nikon! At 19 years old she doesn't go out as often or as far as she once did, but she is still lively. 
I tell her not to run but she doesn't listen.

Henry has been with us 10 years, Zasu nearly 20.

Tito is now on medication for his congenital heart defect and is doing well.

Ruby and Perl have been spayed! 
Don't they look cute in their post-op jumpers?

Worked like a charm, no sand in the incisions. 
Perl showing off her couture threads.

All recovered, time to swim.
Ruby waits for her pool to fill.

Sadly Maldi hasn't been around for a few months, but Sugar's 4 kittens are all doing fine
Kevin hangs out on the cat bridge (covered to keep the clods from falling off). 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Wake me in September

Awful smells, s l o w internet, and a personal malaise are hallmarks of life during the rainy season. Insects and thunder figure prominently.
Newbies Perl and Ruby are a bright spot

The sterilization clinic in May went well enough.   
Thank you to Fanny from Wilberth tortillaria for making/donating lunch for the surgical team! 
Follow up lasted well after the clinic. Once the dogs spayed at the clinic (including Soliteria!) recovered, we had 5 more dogs spayed in Merida using left over supplies. Thank you Pets & Co!
Since then the town has poisoned strays again, including some that had been sterilized. If that pisses you off, let the mayor know! 
Perl and Tupo safe at home  

In June we had Nico and Coco spayed -and their sisters (thanks to the help of Angel). So relieved to have all the mosquito shack girls sterilized! 
We didn't really believe we could make it happen.
Coco Nut in motion

After months with no results from treatments for fungus, we had a biopsy done and it turns out Nico has a problem with her immune system. Poor baby. 
Since we've been treating that she has started to put on weight and regrow her fur and lost nails.
Airborne Nico

June was the first anniversary of the arrival of Junebug and Zoila.
Strong, smart, beautiful and a bit weird. They are a handful!

August is sweet, silly Murci's third anniversary.

We intend to start a CADA website for updates and fund raising that focuses on strays and emergency cases in town.There is obviously overlap, but I think of this blog as a family album. Until then I'll try to be better about mentioning things we do outside of our home (usually with the help of fellow CADA member Jacky).
3 legs and all cute

poor girl got hit by a car but she's on the mend.

We recently were surprised to find out that Linda has bad hips. That means going swimming instead of on walks,but she isn't complaining.
Linda, Perl and Ruby love the water!

Happy, wet Linda Loca
Ruby is a fierce little beauty

Perl is a charmer (and smitten with Archie)

Perl and Nico front a group of our finest demolition experts

All done swimming, going home.
Ruby, Perl and Linda 3 cute soggy bottoms

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

puppy love

Wednesday, April 27, the Kinchil firemen that come to Celestun to fill cisterns brought a puppy they found at the remote cenote (where they fill the truck). They saw 2 puppies but one ran off.

She was ridiculously infested with fleas and has a broken tail but is fine.

Looking much better after a bath and intensive flea removal. 
She has a great temperament and settled in immediately.

We're calling her Pearl(a). Or Perl.
Her broken tail is adorable.

As are her tiny paws.

Perl under Xmul, for scale.

Sean considers learning to juggle. Tito is not amused.

Twelve days after Pearl, May 9th, look what the bomberos found! 
(She immediately pooped on Sean!)

Poor baby, all alone for nearly 2 weeks!

After her delousing, I may need one.
She's full of worms but otherwise surprisingly fit.

Say hello to my little friend.

We're trying out Ruby for a name. She's a bit bigger and more affectionate than her sister. Murci says hello.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Godzilla has left the building

The post titled Crime Wave from a few years ago is regularly found by people searching for information on crime in Celestun. For that reason I'll mention that there have been a spate of house robberies- from what I gather the targets generally are unoccupied beach houses. A few nights ago the house nearest to us was robbed. Big TVs are a popular target. As we have no tv and MANY dogs I doubt we are of much interest to thieves, but this may be a concern for others.

Recently our sweet Godzilla, the biggest and furriest of Gracie's pups, died. It was a complete surprise, as she had been in good spirits and showing no symptoms of any of any health problems. Dra. Sandra suspects a heart attack. We'll never really know, but we were privileged to know her for the entirety of her life.Young Zilla running with her sister Eve.

She was a robust and happy girl with no love lost for cats, and we'll miss her.
Morning walk flanked by Bette and Tito.

On the topic of cats, Mama cat Sugar hasn't been seen for few weeks and I fear the worst. Her daughter Minya has made dog harassment her focus.

This time of year has many milestones for us. One year since the first clinic. Most of the street dogs that were neutered and released are still doing well and a couple have found themselves homes! The next one is scheduled for May 8th May 15th.

It has been 5 years since the arrival of Xmul, Twiggy, Luna and Mo, 6 since Monkey, and 7 for Maggie and April.  
We're combating an outbreak of kennel cough, exactly 4 years since the last (and 1st) time. With better luck and more knowledge, we seem to have limited it to only a few dogs.
My little muse Nico is still suffering from a fungal problem -despite daily rinses, medication and immune boosters.

Her spirits remain high. Playing with her sister Coco.

Leading the charge to me.

She makes me laugh!

Thanks for raking.

Girl group pose after dinner.

My big guy Reggie has a tumor that may need to be surgically removed. 
Hazel and Cookie give Reggie love.

Beautiful Archie has been having hip problems, but he's still our #1 watchdog!

Some sad milestones are fast approaching, but I try to focus on the happy faces in front of me...these for example.