Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I meant to post on 4/20, but I forgot.

Happily, there is nothing new to report.
Crepuscular pulchritude:

Spot and Maldi, just doing their thing:

Henry finally got his haircut. With two more fluffy dogs in the house,
I may have to invest in clippers.
The trick is to cut away all that is not Henry:

Speaking of the new fluffy dogs, they're doing great. It's gratifying to see them so happy, knowing what a crappy life they had and how close they were to suffering a cruel death. If you missed the previous post, these 2 were hog-tied and stuffed into boxes to be thrown away at the dump. Prior to that they must have been tied out in someone's yard, judging from the rope burns around their necks and under their front legs. Still, they remain fun and fairly good natured. Dogs are amazing.
Early on, April preferred to be in a sheltered spot:

Maggie is a bit more outgoing:

After they were here about a week, we took them on a walk. 
April in the lead:

had a blast:

Maggie is still covered in cuts and bruises, but it didn't slow her down:

she's a sweetheart:

Maggie and April think things are looking up:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day

April 12, 2009. Easter. Resurrection day.
Damn near for two shaggy little dogs.
saying hi:

(That isn't puppy prison -we just put them in our storage building to allow them to calm down.)

To summarize, some guy showed up mid-day Sunday with two cardboard boxes, tied shut with twine. Each had a bound dog in it.
Some woman (?) told him to throw them away at the dump.
She bothered to mention that we might take them.
What do you say to that?
I suppose it's obvious what we said:

I didn't think to get the camera until we had them nearly untied:

This little girl is the more frightened of the two.
She has an enormous under-bite and
managed to get a little piece of Sean:

This little girl is 2 or 3 years old (my best guess) and looks like she just weened a litter.

She's very sweet.
Someone tried to give her a haircut and gave up:

First bath -horribly infested with fleas and ticks:

Notice the thumb bandage and the audience:

Second bath, just as gross, with a bigger crowd:

These two have had a bad day:

Monday -feeling a little better.
We're calling them April (l) and Maggie (r):

If someone is interested in adopting one, or both, of them, let me know.
Also, if there are any itinerant dog-groomers reading this that would like to spend some time at the beach...

*Update: April has gone from terrified mess to being Sean's enthusiastic truck-dog.