Thursday, July 28, 2011

Que Linda!

We have our neighbor Kiki's 2 dogs staying with us while she's away.
The little one, Linda, first visited us in June when she wasn't feeling well.

Linda was not having a good hair day.

Linda circa June.

Linda in July.

Linda loves Tito and he thinks she has fine taste.

She's a popular girl; Xmul thinks she's swell!

They do a lot of this.

Speaking of Xmul -she and the other pups are rambunctious and entirely sweet. Twiggy and Mo have been spayed and Xmul, Daisy and Luna will be done next month.

Sofia, it was great meeting and hosting you!
Thanks for everything, we miss you!

Humidity and flies rule the day -not great for getting out for photo ops.
Zasu doesn't mind. She looks cute with her muddy paws and gray eyebrows.
13? She doesn't look a day over 8!

Monkey and Henry are always great company!

Many sleepless nights recently. Sweet Oscar was scary sick from giardia. He's on the mend, but the poor guy can't catch a break; he's had one health problem after another this year.
To top it off, moments before leaving on a run, helpxer Jami saw "some sort of animal" dash past the gate.
We're calling him Buddy (Hugo didn't stick

After a few weeks, he took a drastic turn for the worse. Long story short, he has idiopathic encephalitis and although we're relatively sure it isn't contagious, we've been keeping him quarantined. Our time since has been dominated by him (and the infernal washing machine, but that's another story!).
We've all the necessary meds for him and, with the guidance of the vet, we're doing what we can.

Prognosis for recovery is uncertain, but he's getting stronger. He's been walking in circles for a week and there's no way to know if the neurological problems are temporary or permanent.
If he pulls through, he's going to be a cutie-pie (Well I think so, but I'm partial to redheads.)!
encephalitis nap.

Thanks to Jami and Ian, our most recent helpers!
Running with Floyd at sunset.