Friday, February 1, 2013

Up the down staircase

There has been some progress at the beta site.  
The fence posts are nearly in.

An all girl line-up on the stairs at home (t-b):
Lucy, Alice, Tuesday, Ginger, Twiggy, Monkey.

Bette and Ginger.

The rope on the railing is for Spot, the cat; the paint was too slippery for him.
Stella, Maggie, Chester, Lucy, Alice, Otto.

Elewah is in Merida today, having had to be re-spayed yesterday. 
The van blew a head gasket on the way home.  If we had a dollar for every time our vehicle failed us to or from the veterinarian's office, we could afford a better ride. 
Sisters Twiggy and Mo (foreground) with Jack and his mother, Elewah.

Petey poses for his school photo.

Stella chose the Autumnal backdrop.
Neem trees don't love strong wind.

Windy nights make inside cozier.
Greta (and everyone else) loves Hazel!
She too was spayed yesterday and will be home today.

Action shot: Linda, Lex and Amber.

The 3 tenors: Ed, Pat and Paco.


Group shot, an even dozen.