Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bring on 2013

Our resident stingless bees keep busy in the moringa.


They've had plenty of company. 
A squirrel cuckoo (Kip Cho in Maya).

hummingbird (Dzunum) 

hooded oriole (Yuyum)      

An odd shot: moringa, bee and grackle.

As of New Year's eve, Miles Monroe has been with us 9 years!
Miles and Eve on a recent walk.

Ernie joined us in December of 2008.
He has mellowed a bit since then.

Linda and newbie Hazel are always full of enthusiasm.

Tito, Hazel, Henry ...and Miles.

Hazel and some of theTribe.

The last Saturday of 2012:
Tito, Linda, Henry, Reggie and Hazel.