Thursday, February 23, 2012

hello again

I'm done with regular updates and am posting only when so moved.
Liberated from the obligation of a self-imposed deadline, I've felt like taking pictures again.
All that follow are from February.
Reggie says hello.

Buddy continues to do well and Alice thinks he's swell, despite (or because of) his addled brain.
A study with green

And with blue:

Thanks to Lin & Mark for their efforts -especially the help with Twiggy's recuperation after hip surgery.

Therapeutic swims with Sean have helped; the repaired side is now the strong side and she is raring to play. She'll have the other hip done soon.

We had a brief but lovely visit with CSer Jenni.
The dogs took to her immediately and she took them on an unbelievable amount of walks! Sorry to see her go!

Little moppet Linda is cuter than ever.

In Tribe news, Amber has been spayed and Lex has been neutered -the stitches are out and all is forgiven. The other 4 boys will be visiting the vet shortly.A rousing game of chase Amber.

Steve McQueen is a handsome guy.

Archie and Steve.

Steve and his brothers Mega and Pete disregarding the no dogs on the table rule.

Zoot and Steve (that Steve is always where the camera is).


A few pics of Monkey, because she's so darned cute and funny.
Enjoying the life.

Monkey and I share a joke.

PuppyG and Monkey after a run.

Zoot, Monkey, Linda and Lex

Morning shift guard duty-
Archie, Lily, Osita, Monkey and PuppyG.

A happy group watch Sean take Maggie out for a swim.

Jack and Tito.

Steve McQueen and Molly have an evening wrestle.