Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another September

Isn't Zoila getting big? At 4 months old she's 1/2 as tall as Xmul!
At the slow rate fund raising is going we'll be able to have her spayed at the clinic.

With the arrival of rain I built a dog house for her mom and sister (the strays) which was promptly stolen. Since then both dogs have gone missing.  
We hope for the best but they were probably poisoned like the dogs of friends in town. To compound that loss most of theirs were sterilized, some at the last clinic. Senseless. 
I'm trying to focus on the little victories to get through this accursed season.
The heart marking on Zoila's nose suits her -she's a sweetheart!

With so many dogs September is ...pungent, with a fair amount of energy spent on keeping the outside outside. Thunder, no matter how distant, is cause for dog reactions varying from amplified to petrified. 
It is nice to see the flora enjoying the weather.
The pitaya in the sea grape has finally flowered -as did a coconut palm!

After dinner is play time! There are at least 4 distinct playgroups in this shot. Knowing them as individuals is the key to maintaining harmony. Some dogs (for example Twiggy, black dog w/ orange collar) are like the kids that always take advantage of substitute teachers.

Upside down Cookie is the center of attention.
Puppy wrestling at dusk.

Heading out on a morning walk with Lily on a leash to slow the pace.

Two pairs of sisters on my heel.  
Eve and Blue set a great example for June and Zoila.

Zoila and Junebug out and about in their new big girl collars.

Here comes Junebug!


A review of my Aug/Sept posts reveal that it is traditionally a trying time.  
For example it has been 4 years since the appearance of the Tribe. 
In retrospect I don't know how we managed!
Zoot and friends at a salt pond.