Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please don't count the daisies

An infinite amount of thanks to Anna & Bogus, our first helpX-ers; because of them our property is tidier, our bikes are in better shape and my nervous breakdown has been postponed! A little help can be awfully helpful. More of Anna's pictures at


I do have my suspicions however that some counting of the dogs may have occurred... as those of you who've followed this blog already know, that just makes another show up...We're calling her Daisy.
She intercepted Sean and his running dogs as they were heading home Saturday morning, just around the bend from our house.
She was covered in some kind of grease.

After a box of baking soda

and a couple of baths

it turns out she's mostly white,

is especially cute upside down

and loves Tito.

Rainy season is over.

Days are getting warmer so, despite my pesky ankle problems and Sean's workload, we've been trying to get out on walks while we can.
Soon only the earliest hours will be fit for man or beast (isn't that redundant?).


Elewah braves the frigid February waters (I kid, it's salty foam).

Elewah sails over high grass; she is an unbelievably fast little dog

Striking a pose while waiting for us slowpokes.

Tito swears that cow owed him money

Otto and his brother doing what they do best

Rufus is always ready to play

He gets his toy, I get a face full of sand.

Rufus is a fun guy!

Alice and Shirley watch the sun set on another day.