Monday, April 27, 2015

summer has come early

We've already had multiple days over 100f /38c! High temperatures and no rain have made for more pleasant, mosquito-free walks -as long as you go early enough that your brain doesn't melt. PuppyG has boundless enthusiasm! I'm no great fan of mornings, but I love the company.

Zasu, PuppyG, Blue and Molly.

Sisters Blue and Eve.

I managed to document myself tripping while taking a picture behind me.

Morning walk with 9 furry little angels.

Quick dip in a salt pond.

Ziggy always finds the muddiest spot.

Ziggy, PupG and Bette.

It has been a while since we've hosted Couchsurfers/helpxers.
1000 thanks to PO and Julie; because of you this was a productive month, despite the heat. It was great getting to know you both and we appreciate your help!
You're welcome anytime.

They were here for Maggie and April's 6th anniversary with us.
April really liked PO!

Bette and Shirley claimed Julie.

Julie's lap was a popular spot!

Now to organize and fund raise for the next sterilization clinic!  May is for spays and there is a lot of work to do! Outreach, networking and social media are not an easy fit for a bona fide recluse like me, but I'm trying.