Thursday, April 13, 2017

the knockaround girls

Rosie, Rocky and JoJo are growing like Spring weeds. 
This shot is from March and they're noticeably larger now.

March Rose

Sean and Rocky with Daisy behind

Group shot from March with Rocky in the foreground

Ruby is a year old now and was 2x the size of JoJo last month

Silly Mo (and sisters) have been here 6 years

June is a crazy genius and will be turning 2 any day now (with her Gemini twin Zoila). Cookie is only 2ish but has already been a big sister many times

A whole lot of happy dogs in my way! 
Sometimes you have to do parkour to get around this place

An especially cute lineup at the gate:
Perl, Monkey, Shirley, Bette and Murci

JoJo on the beach this month in her new collar

Rocky (blue) and Rosie (red) evening wrestle

Cookie and Elewah enjoy another beautiful morning

We're looking for a larger piece of land where we can build to accommodate our peculiar lifestyle. It would be great to have help during that transition; to that end we'll be posting on Helpx again soon. If interested, contact me.