Wednesday, August 17, 2011

solemn note: 5.08.11

Sean wrote the following on dogonomicon.blogspot and I'm reposting it here.

"Oscar died Friday night. We don't really know why. He had been weak and slow to recover from a bout of ehrlichiosis coupled with giardia, but the fact is that the treatment he received for heart worm two years ago had been very hard on him; the vet thinks it weakened him. I had just taken him to the vet yesterday and he was fine on the trip and with her; his blood-work had improved since last time but he was still very thin and weak. Late at night he took a sudden turn for the worse. There was nothing we could do. We both miss him more than I can possibly say here and feel his loss keenly. Everyone who knew him loved him. He is buried in our yard with all of our fallen friends. He was the best and we will always love him."