Friday, June 22, 2012


I'll be posting photos that I haven't put here, as well as a few old favorites.  Follow me -help keep me from talking to myself!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

feels like summer

It is still spring, but it sure feels like summer.
Diva has gone to her permanent home in Canada; she'll be missed.
Especially by her very good pal Amber.

Xmul is back and Zoot is in love all over again!  
She is not interested.

Days have been HOT, perfect weather for a swim in the Gulf.
Linda shakes while Sean takes Twiggy for a theraputic swim.

It has been a year since we first met Linda Loca!

PuppyG thinks a mud puddle will do just fine.

Shaggy Henry in the lead.

Less-shaggy Henry after patiently tolerating a haircut with scissors.

Henry and Tito. Without all that fur they are nearly the same size.
As of May, Tito has been with us 3 years!
He's a tiny tyrant, but we love him.

We started this walk a little too late in the morning.  As soon as the cloud passed over us the dogs were ready to go home. This is the point when they petitioned me to head back. They were all looking at me as if to say "Are you nuts, don't you know how hot it is?"
l-r Frankie, Zasu, Tito, Henry, Monkey

Sweet Frankie, just because.

Heading home. Tito and Frankie.

My best pal Zasu, 14 years old and having fun!