Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Poco a poco, perro por perro.

The 1st neuter/vaccination clinic was a mitigated success! 
Advertising taxi announcing the clinic while passing the clinic.

It was held at the RV campgrounds next to the pier and we couldn't have asked for a prettier location. Thanks to the proprietress of Hotel Maria del Carmen.

The day was made possible by the animal lovers that donated funds, those who helped out in person and the veterinarians, vet techs and students that volunteered their time. 

13 dogs and 1 cat neutered - better than expected though not as many as we'd hoped.
Surgery in a cabana.

Restaurant Celestun graciously supplied lunch to the vets and vet students.

This gorgeous guy arrived in style.

Door to door service. This woman sent a chihuahua and a cat.

Convincing people to neuter is an uphill battle, but there were 30 sign-in reservations (& 10+ verbal) for females to be spayed at the next clinic!
Dr. Sandra is willing to assemble a team of vets large enough to make that happen and it's up to us to do the rest.

We're thrilled that zocolo stray Bernard was neutered and vaccinated!

As was his super friendly pal, the dog we call Brian. Brian has already shown the efficacy of modern mange treatment; one little pill and his coat has grown back in beautifully.
He's a bit tipsy post surgery and headed back to his stretch of beach.
Attitudes about neutering need to be changed. We hope that the strays that have been neutered will convince some doubters of the benefits.
We couldn't sway this guy's human. Maybe next time.

We want to make basic preventive care and vaccinations affordable and accessible,

stem the relentless tide of puppies

and improve the lives of street dogs.

Dogs are everywhere and while it is disheartening we are encouraged that others care and are willing to help. 

It was a good day of many small successes. The older pup was neutered and vaccinated against rabies.
Little charmers at dog friendly Hotel Gutierrez.