Wednesday, October 19, 2011

crime wave

This summer brought the real word a little too close to home. There was a murder nearby; a tourist was killed and her body was found in the surf. That might not be news in most of Mexico, but here it is virtually unheard of.
the police tape is still on the beach:

Why not in my back yard, I guess.
I don't imagine the publicity will help those with houses for sale. "Safe" and "idyllic" are a local realtor's most overused adjectives (although generally truer than "city water available").
We are acquainted with the grandmother of the murder suspect. We've watched her dogs Bosha & Linda in the past and have taken them in while she has gone to stay elsewhere with family. The more the hairier!
Linda and the tribe:

Bald when we met, now she's the victim of a ridiculous (but practical) haircut:

she looks just like Ziggy:

still cute:


Our not-so-little-anymore Xmul will be leaving us soon to live with her other mothers for 6 months. She's an irrepressible and exasperating girl...we'll miss her!
being goofy with Daisy:

covered in sand and coming to say hi:

Poor Buddy had a few seizures
and suffered a relapse. He had visited the vet for a skin problem and haircut a few days earlier and she was amazed to see how well he was doing -despite the brain damage. He still seems happy and has begun to slowly regain what was lost. He hasn't given up, so we'll see how it goes.
Buddy strikes a pose:


Buddy on the move: