Tuesday, October 13, 2015

clinic day part II

Sunday, on the way home from the clinic to feed our horde, we stopped by to check on/feed a group of dumped dogs that Sean came across a few weeks ago.  

They have found some degree of shelter in a disused camp/homestead in the woods but have grown worryingly thin.

This sweet girl is skeletal, nervous and nursing.

While putting out food I heard the unmistakable squeals of puppies.

We know the person who lives at this camp and that he hadn't been using it lately so I went in to investigate.

The mosquitoes are terrible.

We gave them water and made sure their mom ate.

8 puppies in all. I don't know what we can do for them.

This is a poignant discovery for us because it has been almost exactly 7 years since we brought in Gracie and her 8 puppies. All of those dogs are still our family and I can't bear the thought of them growing up hungry and homeless.

A bit depressing but fitting that we discovered them on the day of the clinic. Small victories are important but the problems are enormous, they won't be solved easily or overnight. Helpful suggestions and homes for these pups needed!

clinic day

The clinic went well! 38 animals sterilized! 
Nine males and 28 females. Mostly dogs and a few cats.
Thanks to the team assembled by Dra. Sandra at Pets & Company and everyone who donated!

Thanks to Pronatura Celestun for the use of their building.

The weather was beautiful and the line formed early.

Dogs and cats are closely monitored in the recovery room.

Jackeline (in white) was there ALL day keeping things running smoothly. She is also responsible for securing the donation of medication from the Centro de Salud. We couldn't have done it without her!

Sean, Hueso and his very nice dog that he saved from the garbage dump! He was rightly proud of her and her being up to date on her rabies shots. She was spayed and we'll be giving her a distemper vaccination when we remove her stitches.

When we were picking up lunch for the surgical team (paid for by the municipio!) we stopped by to visit one of our favorite beach dogs, neutered at the 1st clinic. Handsome Brian aka Caramelo is a great guy and it seems like he's been staying out of trouble. 
If the C.S Celestun SSY (Health Center) is willing to continue to provide the Zelazol we can hold more regular clinics. We're going to take a moment to be happy about this one, but the next clinic is tentatively planned for January.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Tomorrow is the next clinic! Vets and veterinary students will be arriving in the morning! We'll be doing this and future clinics under the name CADA (Celestuneos Associados en Defensa de Animales). 

Celestunea Jackeline has been a great help and managed to secure government funds to cover the most expensive medication needed for the surgeries. That means that in addition to sterilizations we'll be offering mange treatment and rabies and distemper vaccinations! Thank you everyone who contributed! I'll update with photos from the event as soon as I can.