Wednesday, August 2, 2017

puppy tsunami

The last weekend of July was 111F (44C) and someone dumped a big batch of puppies near our house. 5 boys and 4 girls. 
We're going to need homes, donations and moral support!

Sean spotted them scattered in the underbrush along the road. 
It was mid day and I can't express how hot it was while we were doing this.  
5 in the the first batch.

Two more. They are panting and we are drenched. 
At this point we thought there was either one more or we had them all.

After a brief cool down period and a change of clothes, a final foray turned up 2 more. 
This is the face of despair.

Getting them settled took up most of the weekend. 
They've been wormed, deloused and cuddled.

Sunday was bath day for super stinky puppies. 
 girl, black w/white

(now named Ramona)

girl, brown w/black

(now called Nina)

boy, black w/brown &white

(named Evo)

girl, white w/black & brown

(now called Peaches)

boy, white w/black

(this is Herbie)

 boy, browns w/white


girl, white w/black (longer coat?)

(we call her Reina)

boy, white w/brown

(now answers to Peanut)

(shy)boy, brown w/black

(his name is now Hugo)

Zasu has seen many new puppy baths but is always interested
I told her it was too hot but she insisted we needed supervision.
Frida's diaper hangs above us like a flag.