Friday, October 17, 2014

Barking at thunder. Daily.

George and Tori, just because they look nice together.

I'm finally uploading a few of the videos Sean has taken on runs. This one is from February (and the camera is waterproof).

Shirley thinks rainy days are fine if you have enough toys.
This is from the end of June.

A few seconds from September.

Zoot enjoys a lovely September morning.
A hummingbird takes a break from hovering but not eating.
Tiny assassin bugs on a sea grape. 
Smiley face spider in our neem tree.
Sean found this little red-cheeked mud turtle too close to the road. He posed for a few photos before being relocated to the woods. Identified thanks to Jim Conrad's excellent site (link page right).

Sugar's kittens have been spayed and neutered! Minya didn't let the collar get in her way.
Recent family portrait. Sugar, her doppelgänger Falafel, Kevin, Cali and Minya.