Monday, January 25, 2016

Where has the time gone?

It has been too long since I've updated. So much to cover!
Nov 16, 2015 Tupo arrives. He was the runt of the mosquito shack litter.
Cookie again proves herself to be a patient big sister.

No one else wanted the little guy and we were worried he wasn't eating enough, with so much competition. Tupo means something like runt in Mayan. Closer to 'the last little bit'.

The traditional 1st bath photo.

A quiet pause after a long day.
Tupo naps on a beard pillow.

Zoila shows Tupo how to dig a hole.

Big sisters are the best! Cookie wrestles with Tupo.

December 1st we brought in Coco, the 2nd smallest of the litter. 
She was a little skinny and had a sore leg, but was otherwise fine. 
Cookie makes Coco's acquaintance.

First bath for Coco. 
She had enough dirt in her ears to grow a plant.

Coco and Hazel meet.

Coco checks out the yard. 
She is calm and sensible (and pretty) like her mother Sola.

Monkey is recovering from surgery to remove bladder stones. 
She's doing great now, but needs to be on the same expensive diet as Maggie. Apparently the little white shaggy dogs are prone to it. 
Otto, Monkey and Tupo.

Monkey poses with the stones Dra Sandra removed.

Just to keep things interesting, we had company over the holidays.
Sweet Xmul was here and Kiki's 2 dogs stayed for a few days. 
PupG kisses Xmul and Zoila hangs out with her new little buddy, Chiquita.

Group shot with Zoila and sister Junebug in surgical collars.
They have both been spayed and recovered beautifully.

Siblings Coco and Tupo nap on Sean.

December 12th, not quite 2 weeks after Coco's arrival, Sean brought the last unplaced pup home. She's bigger than her siblings and shyer.
We call her Nico.

Nico's 1st bath. Mega and Steve say hello.

She has a skin problem that we had diagnosed at the clinic on Sunday!
Dozens were treated and/or vaccinated (5 in 1), one dog had to be put down, and they managed to neuter 2 -despite not planning to preform surgeries this time! Pretty good considering we were thinking of canceling it.
Nico is all legs and paws! Her dad must be Ringo and he's a big boy!