Friday, October 28, 2016

Frida Mestiza

From the looks of this x-ray no amount of swimming will help Frida walk again. We're grateful that the wonderful Mexico City charity "Car-Can" has offered to donate a doggy wheelchair to help her out!

She has put on weight and is doing much better than when she arrived! Her mange has cleared up and her coat is growing in quickly. She had been nursing when she was injured and has been diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, so she was very tired. She makes her feelings known even without a wagging tail.

The traditional 1st bath photo. You can see her wounds reflected on the wheelbarrow. Despite her weakened condition she made it clear she was not a fan of bath and put up a fight!

Her back is still bony, but her ribs no longer protrude and her wounds have entirely healed. She has a real can-do attitude!

In the weeks she's been here she has adjusted remarkably well and we've made a few modifications to help. Here she stands on the porch between Otto and matriarch Zasu.

Going down the steps is easy

from the steps to her ramp

No problem. Just one of the gang.

This is one of her favorite spots to relax. 
Everyone except Zasu watches a low flying plane.

Her favorite inside hangout -where she can keep an eye on things. 
She can get up the 2 steps to casita on her own.

Getting some sun with Tupo. She's a happy girl, full of smiles and kisses.

Frida can really cover ground quickly -especially when she's following Sean or getting fed!  She's doing better than we had hoped and we're looking forward to getting her some wheels. She's young and needs to get out for exercise.

Monday, October 10, 2016


This poor girl was hit by a car at the gasolinera and survived.

Her back legs are paralyzed, so she'd been dragging herself over hot asphalt for weeks.

She found refuge from the heat on an unused boat. No idea how she managed to drag herself on board.

Not sure how we'll manage but she needed help and we couldn't leave her.

She's a bag of bones and covered in wounds.

We're calling her Frida.

She's a sweetheart. We have her in a pen for now but she wants to be with the other dogs.

She'll be visiting the vet tomorrow. For now she's happy to have food, water and belly rubs. She's good at dragging herself but I need to figure out how to build a dog wheelchair/dune buggy.