Monday, July 15, 2013

Dragonflies to the rescue

A battalion of dragonflies laid waste to the mosquitoes.

Hot little dogs on a morning walk.

A picture that captures Tori's enthusiasm for water.

Steve, Lex, Hazel and Tori play with their favorite toy.

Miles, Henry, Blue and Bette patrol the grounds of the beta site.

Lovely PuppyG.

Zasu watches Tori and Greta swim with Sean. 
She prefers to wade belly deep.

4 funny girls -Molly, Tuesday, Twiggy and Monkey.

Shirley takes a break from lizard hunting.
I love that face!

Large, used political banners are cut up and resold as tarps.  
We've stapled them to the screened porch to keep the rain out.
Reggie teases Henry. Such a little brother.

Everybody say kibble!  Group shot on the porch.
Zasu, Mega, Reggie, Tuesday and Pete.

Our pal Xmul has come back to stay for a few months.
We missed her!  

I think Zoot missed her the most.  
Zoot, Xmul and Steve play at dusk.