Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mayday for turtles

All of the photos in this post were taken by Sean (with our sturdy, waterproof, slightly low-res camera).  The salt ponds and surrounding woods have steadily been drying out.  
Xmul and friends cross what's left of a pond.

On the mornings that Sean runs he goes about 8k, with 9 dogs, and takes drinking water ...for the dogs.  Everybody (except Sean apparently) loves to drink out of the bottle.
Tori, Xmul, Luna and Truman have a slurp.

Xmul, Tori and Murci have a drink.

Oh, Steve.  Not a thinker, but at least he's handsome.

Horrible!  Frankie next to a huge turtle shell, nowhere near the beach; obviously poached, gutted and dumped.

To the beach!  Tori, Linda and Twiggy.

Note the new house in the background; it is not only illegal (construction has been halted by an environmental agency for now), but also completely asinine to build so close to the water.  This entitled nonsense, including the compulsion of homeowners to remove beach scrub, and install street and porch lights, does more to harm the turtles than the poachers.

Two of our biggest fans of the beach, Rufus and Linda!

PuppyG is rocking a new haircut!

Linda, PuppyG and Rufus!

King George and Xmul.  George has been with us for a long time; he is worshiped and beloved by all the younger dogs. 

Late in the month, the flooded roads are drying up.  
Puddle jumping with Daisy,Tori, Mo, Chester (weird, he doesn't usually get wet ...maybe George knocked him in), George, and Bosha to the right.

Murci leads a happy group across land that was underwater a month ago.