Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April update

Beautiful weather has made for bug-free walks, better moods, and a tidier yard.
On walks, Ginger has been helping to fill the void left by the death of her sister. 
She is great company.

Ginger Pudding.  Prettier than ever, with a touch of gray.

Roxy completed her heartworm treatment and is doing great!  We'll have her tested in a few months to make sure they're gone.  
Ginger and Roxy.

Linda and Roxy. 

Except for the shaved patch at the injection site on her back, there's no hint that she was recently on Death's door.
Bette's hips haven't been bothering her.

Bette seizes the day!

Monkey has been with us for 4 years; she's an absolute brat and I adore her!

In the yard, Archie is our most dedicated watchdog.

Out of the yard, he prefers to roll in filth.

Murci has finally been spayed.  She and Hazel had to be kept apart for a few days while she recuperated and Hazel was noticeably depressed about it.  Murci is a tad taller than Hazel, mid-sized, but bigger than we initially expected.

They're back together again and all is right with the world!
Murci(élago) -air attack.

Lovely Xmul is back with us for a few months.

Tori, in front, has been with us a year!
Happy Anniversary Tori Monster!