Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paco de gallo?

Yeah, so I love a painfully bad pun; sue me.
As a side note, I also love what is called salsa in the US and apparently pico de gallo in some regions of Mexico. The Yucatan (this region anyway) has it's own name for a mixture of raw tomatoes, onions, chilies and lime:
Xni-Pek (pronounced shnipik, with the accent on the first i). I've been told it means dog's nose, because it's so spicy that it makes your nose run.

This is a rooster in a tree:

This is a tree with a rooster (he's way up there to the right):

This is the coop I built for the rooster:

This is the rooster in the coop:

Poor fellow must have had some close calls, he's missing a lot of feathers.
We haven't settled on a name. It could be Paco, maybe Hercules. I suggested Rocket. (I'm 12.).

In dog news, all previously infected dogs tested negative for heartworm(!)
and Ziggy got a haircut.

Ziggy post-bath:

and post-haircut:

25 seconds of space.
100 degrees Fahrenheit.

for Amanda:

((turn the volume way down!))