Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paco de gallo?

Yeah, so I love a painfully bad pun; sue me.
As a side note, I also love what is called salsa in the US and apparently pico de gallo in some regions of Mexico. The Yucatan (this region anyway) has it's own name for a mixture of raw tomatoes, onions, chilies and lime:
Xni-Pek (pronounced shnipik, with the accent on the first i). I've been told it means dog's nose, because it's so spicy that it makes your nose run.

This is a rooster in a tree:

This is a tree with a rooster (he's way up there to the right):

This is the coop I built for the rooster:

This is the rooster in the coop:

Poor fellow must have had some close calls, he's missing a lot of feathers.
We haven't settled on a name. It could be Paco, maybe Hercules. I suggested Rocket. (I'm 12.).

In dog news, all previously infected dogs tested negative for heartworm(!)
and Ziggy got a haircut.

Ziggy post-bath:

and post-haircut:

25 seconds of space.
100 degrees Fahrenheit.

for Amanda:

((turn the volume way down!))

1 comment:

  1. 1) Great pics! Makes me want to adopt some of your dogs right away! (ouch! hubby just threw a book at me... how'd he know I said that?!)
    2) Great rooster-savin'! woohoo, rescued chickens! And that's a nice-lookin' coop, if I may say so.
    3) Delores would be in my family, too, had I found her under OUR truck... bless her heart, she has MASTERED the look entitled 'pitiful!'
    4) Are you familiar with Trout Fishing In America's song 'Pico de Gallo'? Something tells me you might enjoy it... be warned, tho: it is very silly.

    Good work!
    Tanya (aka hotcooknmama) :-)