Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Long Rain

"The rain continued. It was a hard rain, a perpetual rain, a sweating and steaming rain; it was a mizzle, a downpour, a fountain, a whipping at the eyes, an undertow at the ankles; it was a rain to drown all rains and the memory of rains." 
Ok, it hasn't really been that bad, I just loved Ray Bradbury as a kid!
No hurricanes or typhoons so I've got little to complain about.
A big mantis suns on the clothesline. 

Helpxer Martina stayed and helped out for a few weeks.  A thoroughly uncomfortable season to visit, but Linda and Stella are always happy to have a new friend! 
Because of  Martina chatting with a few soldiers at the base near us, we were able to have a dog that lives there spayed.  Unsurprisingly, she also had Ehrlichiosis.  Fortunately, one of the soldiers agreed to give her the necessary antibiotics everyday for 3 weeks.  Hurray, she is now healthy and infertile!  Thanks Martina, for everything!
Also, thanks to the people who have donated, through Martina as well as online.  Funds went towards a spaying, antibiotics and a new large bottle of Ivermectin.  Enough for hundreds of injections!

Crazy-eyed Pete claims a toy Martina brought.  

Good girls coming home on a morning walk -everybody cross the road together.

The destructo-duo of Hazel and Murci, best friends and partners in crime.

Hazel plays with her Zogoflex.
I can't say enough good things about their products! 
Most toys don't survive a week, but the Zogoflex toys are still fine nearly 2 years later ...and they float ...and are made of recycled materials! 

Siblings Reggie and Tuesday nap under my chair.

An injured young cormorant came to our gate a few days ago.  It couldn't fly and seemed to calmly be asking for assistance.  This is why it bothers me when people speed by in their vehicles.  It's a beach road, there is a lot of wildlife!  Slow down! 

The bird wasn't thrilled about having to go into a crate, but Sean insisted then took it to Semarnat to be treated and released.

This darling mamacita is always hanging around near our house.  We've grown very fond of her!  We've treated her for ticks/fleas and given her an injection of birth control.  It should keep her from getting pregnant for 6 months to a year; the poor girl needs a break!  Over the couple of years we've known her, she is usually pregnant or trailing puppies.

She's a great little dog. I'm guessing that she's 3 or 4. We would love to find her a loving home!

Nice dogs, nice light, random shot.
Too many to name, Hazel in front.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pieces of October

Tori at rest. 

Bette in grass.

Lucy after a swim.

Miles and Lucy, old friends.

Puddle crossing.

Henry and Linda.


Xmul and Hazel play chase.

Steve comes to say hi to me, while everyone else watches the Xmul show.

Xmul takes a break, Mo spots me.

Back to playing ...Xmul and Hazel face off.

Xmul takes a color coordinated break with little Murci and Steve.

Murci is nearly full grown and almost old enough to be spayed.
Lots of energy, lots of attitude!  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Insult & injury

September has come and gone, indistinguishable from August.
Murci walks in the lead with Bette and Linda.

Linda watches a distant flamingo.  Murci only has eyes for Bette.

Bette is her favorite walk buddy. 

Around a salt pile,
R-L Bette, Murci, Linda and Monkey.

As you may know, we are trying to re-purpose a nearby property.  Every improvement we've made to the place has been swiftly followed by vandalism/theft. One of  2 new doors was busted within days of installation -despite the fact that there is nothing inside to steal!  This, in addition to a stolen post hole digger, shed door, and concrete fence posts, as well as the repeated cutting of the fence, has left us both frustrated and uncertain if we want to continue putting resources into this project. 

Someone put some effort into getting the storage room open!
It houses nothing but bags of bottles and cans for future construction projects.

On Friday the 13th I discovered the beach gate hadn't been properly latched; it was brought to my attention by the gleefully raucous departure of many dogs, who then enjoyed an unauthorized run up the beach.
During my attempt to round them all up, I kicked/tripped over a block of concrete, hurt my foot and put myself out of commission for a few weeks.
I've recovered enough to go on walks again.  Murci is a little bigger and much sturdier, but she's going to be on the small side.
Murci, Bette, Archie and Monkey

Anywhere Bette goes, Murci is soon to follow.

Back at home:
Xmul watches...

Lex and Zoot fly by

...and she cuts them off at the pass!
Xmul is the winner!

Aside from mad dashes under the neem tree, everyone plays in the shade.
foreground: Daisy, Xmul, Murci and Lex

Happy dogs: Luna, Otto (digging a hole), Murci (attacking Otto), Daisy (smiling), Reggie (my angel) and Tori (Now that the sun damage has grown out, her coat is beautiful!) ...
with Elewah (digging a hole) and Amber in back.
On a related note, I fall down a lot; holes under the clothesline are the worst!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This little ankle-biter is Murci.  Her name is short for murciélago, which is Spanish for bat, and is inspired by her enormous ears.  She flagged down Sean as he biked to town. She had mange, a broken toe and the usual parasites. That was a few weeks ago; she's doing fine now!

Murci's 1st bath.  How brave she is! 

Murci meets the family.

PuppyG gives her a sniff.

A sturdier Murci plays with her fan club: Xmul, theTribe, Tori and Hazel.

She's a bit of a hellion because they're all too permissive with her.
Murci attacks!

August is for the birds; by 8AM it is too hot to walk with the dogs.  
I biked to the nearby salt ponds and got to see flamingos in flight.

August means damp sand endlessly tracked indoors on a thousand wet paws. 
Outside, a losing battle against the encroachment of grass and the smell of pee. 
A storm took out our modem and we were without our Telmex connection for 8 days.  
The electric alternates between brownout, blackout and crazy surges.  
A handful of dogs are having various skin problems, poor Rita is miserable from the grass and her allergy treatments, and Truman managed to cut his leg during a run, which led to a day trip to the vet and the fun of replacing the stitches hours after we got home.
Take my word for it, August looks better in pictures. 
Salt pond serenity, Bob Ross style.

Rufus and Tori! 

 Zasu, Bette, Blue and Miles -morning walk.

It's obscene how much cuteness I witness daily.  
Silly Mega.

Evening light Archie.