Sunday, September 25, 2016

more of the same

This summer has been full of loss, even the oriole chicks in the neem tree came to a sad end. Too soon after losing Godzilla, her father George got sick and did not recover. He died in August. 
He had bounced back from heart worm, paralysis and ehrliciosis to enjoy years of morning runs. It was a shock. 
Flashback to George and young Godzilla with Gracie.

He was a huge part of our family for a long time. I learned a lot from George.
George and Godzilla. Loved and missed.

I'll spare you the photos of Monkey's eye cyst (I think she just likes to go to the vet) and Nico's swollen leg (poor thing can't catch a break). There aren't many fun pictures because we don't have a point & click camera at the moment and the Nikon is too cumbersome for most outings. Between the 10-12 bags of kibble a month and a never ending string of vet/medication costs, a new camera is not a priority.

A walk with Zasu is worth taking the Nikon! At 19 years old she doesn't go out as often or as far as she once did, but she is still lively. 
I tell her not to run but she doesn't listen.

Henry has been with us 10 years, Zasu nearly 20.

Tito is now on medication for his congenital heart defect and is doing well.

Ruby and Perl have been spayed! 
Don't they look cute in their post-op jumpers?

Worked like a charm, no sand in the incisions. 
Perl showing off her couture threads.

All recovered, time to swim.
Ruby waits for her pool to fill.

Sadly Maldi hasn't been around for a few months, but Sugar's 4 kittens are all doing fine
Kevin hangs out on the cat bridge (covered to keep the clods from falling off).