Sunday, February 19, 2017

winter solace

The last few months have been undeniably rough, flashes of joy and long stretches of grief. After weeks of medical intervention and hope, the deaths of Ginger and Reggie left me gutted. Still am but life trudges on. 
So many little faces, always plenty to do and something to be happy about. Some mornings while I rake I can hear pelicans diving into the Gulf on one side and distant flamingos from the other.

Dulce showed up in November, young enough to still have a milk tooth. Here is her 1st bath photo. She has since been spayed during one of the many recent vet visits.

Ruby is just about a year old. She's clever, beautiful and has a bit of a temper!

Ruby's adorable sister Perl has an under bite, hip dysplasia, suspect vision and a sunny disposition. Tupo is nearly 2 (!) and likes them both.

We've had a few cold fronts and it's great to get a break from the heat. Not everyone agrees, Elewah does not like the cold.

February started with 3 puppies dumped at our gate, predictably all girls. I'm not happy about it, but it's hard to be quite as sad with puppies around. 
As of then unnamed pup with Dulce.

They were a little thin, mangy and wormy, but overall in decent shape. One fawn colored and two light colored pups.

This is JoJo (Calderwoof) and her 1st bath photo.

This is Rose (Namapoonas) and her 1st bath. I know it has become a tradition but pup 3 looks pretty much just like this. Trust me they all got a bath.

clean and tired

Nico (in the hammock) is at the mercy of her weak immune system and Greta (gazing at the puppies) had ear surgery for what I guess you'd call cauliflower ear. Recovery is gruesome but seems to be going ok. It is always something, but hopefully there are no more medical dramas on the horizon.

All 3 have put on weight. Rose, Rocky (Puppington) and JoJo say life is good.

(Almost) everybody loves puppies.
Ruby and Steve watch JoJo chew on Rocky.