Saturday, July 7, 2012

summer rains

The 6 dogs of theTribe have pushed us to capacity and beyond. Thankfully, with Pete and Steve just back from the vet, there are only 2 left to be neutered. Pete has already gotten his stitches out. He is a handful (aka pain in the ass).
We've had to turn dogs away and the number of strays around is growing.  We can do no more and it's not enough. 

I try to focus instead on what we can do. Despite the outside becoming more and more hostile as the bug season gets into swing, the dogs have a good time.
Henry and PuppyG with Reggie and Blue behind.

These dog walking shots are harder to take than you might imagine; I do a fair amount of running backwards! 
Reggie, Tito, Blue with Zasu watching.

It's the salt workers I feel for -check out the size of that salt pile behind the dogs.  All done by hand.
Eve, Zasu & Lucy with Miles trailing (as usual).

Afternoons mean rain.
Xmul and theTribe watch from under the awning.

Mornings are beautiful- the water is calm and warm this time of year.

All of theTribe love the water, but none as much as Amber!
Amber and Lex into the water...

...and out!

Amber likes summer!

Amber and PuppyG are always up for a swim.

Three super-cute little water dogs:
Amber, PuppyG and Linda

PuppyG on the move.

Sean drills the pups on their synchronized swimming routine.

Happy dogs, Amber in the lead.