Tuesday, May 26, 2009

el bandito Tito Negrito

Last Wednesday (I think), we got a little surprise... another dog showed up at our fence. The house alarm was sounded (it sounds like a lot of barking ) and Sean went out to retrieve what, at first glance, appeared to be a puppy.
It was instead a full grown chihuahua. Skinny little guy with a bit of gray. He isn't at all trembly or snippy.
I didn't even know I wanted a chihuahua!Since we already had an appointment scheduled for the formerly fluffy girls and Rufus, Tito went in to be neutered just days after he got here. He was very brave on the ride to the veterinarian's office. He's home now and healing well. He's about half the size of Miles and has impossibly skinny and bowlegged back legs . He's been de-wormed, de-loused and vaccinated, so I think he'll soon be filling out a little. He has totally charmed me. He's got loads of personality. I assume he was dumped, but I can't imagine why. He can't possibly eat that much! Whatever, people suck. Chihuahuas on the other hand, can be pretty cool. I'm guessing he's about 4 or 5, maybe older.
Don't they look happy together? Sean and Tito:

Tito checks things out:

all together now...aaaaaaaawwww:

first bath:

Zasu, Archie and Tito:

me, Rufus, Godzilla and Tito:

come on? again with the big spaces? what the hell? I'm (temporarily) giving up in frustration.

spay and a haircut

Maggie and April have been spayed. Mags was in heat when she was dumped and pregnant. They both came through great, but Maggie managed to pull out 2 stitches on her second day at home. Gross.
She's fine now, but is spending a few days at the vet's office.

Maggie (l) and April (r):

we had the girls clipped while they were there.
Maggie(l) and April (r):


The groomer was wise and left a tuft on April's tail, to help us tell them apart.
I think they look adorable: