Saturday, October 30, 2010

October ends

Rainy season is coming to an end, the trails are reappearing
and the sky is full of dragonflies.

Clotheslines covered in dragonflies

Sunny morning and calm waters,
Maggie takes a dip

Henry and the ducks enjoy the day

Swim you say? You'll get no argument from Henry.

Since Lucy was sick for a few days and missed out on her run,
we let her swim with the wee fuzzy dogs.

Lucy and PuppyG.

Lucy supervises

Zasu, PuppyG and Maggie audition for the remake of Neptune's Daughter.

Can the beauty of Greta be captured by a mere camera?
I doubt it, but I keep trying.

Relaxing with Rufus and Henry.

She and Monkey are great pals.

Speaking of Monkey...

She's really good at standing on her hind legs! What a funny girl.


I've been adjusting to using a different camera and I need to practice,
so I've been pestering the dogs more than usual.

Elewah and her boy Jack have a wrestle
...she's very dramatic.

Shirley and Reggie
looking fabulous.

Posey from below.

Godzilla chills

Archie, Oscar and sweet Zasu.

ñorita Rita humors me.

Tito rules us all with an iron paw

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pretty on the outside

Nothing in moderation, that's summer in the Yucatan.
Here thousands of flycatchers fill the sky and cover a nearby tower.
It lasted about 20 minutes and then they were gone.

The dog formerly known as Dolores is doing great.
She has been spayed and vaccinated and now
answers to Monkey (or Monkey Butt).

Monkey sleeping with Tuesday a few months ago:

She's pretty on the outside now too!
Her coat took about 6 months to grow back and is now silky and soft.

She's a riot -rambunctious, smart and vocal.

Monkey on the move:

Elewah retains her stray status, but just barely. It turns out that she does not like thunderstorms, or rain of any kind. She had been staying mostly on the ground floor and sleeping in the utility room, but when the rain came she relocated upstairs. We do still let her out to visit with the pack of strays that we call the Brethren, but she does so less often. I'm concerned that they'll find a non-spayed female to run with but there isn't anything I can do about that.
Elewah likes couch:

Sunny day shot of Frijolita
. She and her siblings just turned 3.

The rain has submerged many of the trails, so walks have been difficult
It was so hot the day of this walk that the puddle was like a hot tub.

Nothing can stop Tito.

These pretty girls are surrogate mom and daughter and were just spayed.
Teresa, the bigger dog, was a street dog and had just lost a litter when Negrita,
the little dog, lost her mom while still nursing. Negrita's human brought them together.
He couldn't watch them after surgery, so they recovered here with us.
They were perfect guests and our pack's behavior made me proud.

Don't look directly into Lily's'll be hypnotized.

Just a whole lot of dogs doing nothing.

Brothers and bookends Oscar and Otto think we need to bring more color into the room
They may be colorblind.