Saturday, October 30, 2010

October ends

Rainy season is coming to an end, the trails are reappearing
and the sky is full of dragonflies.

Clotheslines covered in dragonflies

Sunny morning and calm waters,
Maggie takes a dip

Henry and the ducks enjoy the day

Swim you say? You'll get no argument from Henry.

Since Lucy was sick for a few days and missed out on her run,
we let her swim with the wee fuzzy dogs.

Lucy and PuppyG.

Lucy supervises

Zasu, PuppyG and Maggie audition for the remake of Neptune's Daughter.

Can the beauty of Greta be captured by a mere camera?
I doubt it, but I keep trying.

Relaxing with Rufus and Henry.

She and Monkey are great pals.

Speaking of Monkey...

She's really good at standing on her hind legs! What a funny girl.


I've been adjusting to using a different camera and I need to practice,
so I've been pestering the dogs more than usual.

Elewah and her boy Jack have a wrestle
...she's very dramatic.

Shirley and Reggie
looking fabulous.

Posey from below.

Godzilla chills

Archie, Oscar and sweet Zasu.

ñorita Rita humors me.

Tito rules us all with an iron paw

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