Friday, October 15, 2021


I'll tell you friend, the last couple of years have been more difficult than I'm comfortable admitting. The shit and sadness have weighed me down.






We can't afford to be sick at the same time, or for a long time, so Covid has added a new layer to our isolation. At my strongest it's all I can do to battle the kangaroo-sized dust bunnies and keep the yard relatively feces free. A global pandemic is the latest in a long list of complications.
Good morning to and from these knuckleheads.











The year began with the loss of Osita on January 6th, a year after her mom Gracie and sister Blue. She was brilliant, funny and stubborn. 

Last photo taken of her, resting with Otto.








A sunset with George.










Osita, Chester and Archie.







February 7 a tiny ferocious puppy found her way to our gate. She growled relentlessly when picked up and it took some time to win her over.

We named her Carter.

Newbie Carter reluctantly sitting on the swing.








Murci, Evo and Nina give her a sniff.










At that time Evo was not doing well and it turned out to be a problem with his intestines. We tried everything, including surgery, but he faded away. Two months of vet trips and sleepless nights, but he didn't recover. He died on the 3rd of April. I don't have anything pithy or meaningful to say, I just miss him. His antics in the yard had been one of the bright spots of my days..
The last photo I have of him chasing insect shadows, his favorite pastime.







Foreground is Aggie and Lenny, with Len sporting shaved spots from heart worm treatment.
Final photo of Evo, sitting in the sun, looking thin.








We've had multiple cases of heart worm treated this year. That entails 3 trips to the vet -when there is money and medicine available. We try to keep them on Frontline, but can't always afford it or find enough. The Mexican veterinary supply chain is a mystery. On the bright side, the tax on pet food could end next year. That would be a welcome change, as the dogs go through 1100lbs (500kgs) of kibble a month. 

Aggie (little shaggy abandoned in November) and Rocky (blue collar) were developing a fine friendship until it was spoiled by Rocky's mean streak. Aggie has not been open to overtures of reconciliation.






Rufus, our dear boy, passed away May 6th. 

The day he arrived, Feb 2009.







Best pals until the end. 

Rufus and his nephew Jack.








The last photo I took of him, surrounded by family in the sunshine.







Carter was spayed mid-July. She did her best to complicate things, but everything turned out fine. 

Carter wearing the latest in bespoke post-surgery attire.








Aug 29th we said goodbye to Eve, another of Gracie's pups. 

Eve (top step) and her papa Chester.










Eve with her sister Blue.







Blue and Eve.







September 9th we said goodbye to Alice, with us since 2007. She was Sean's steadfast pal and a bad ass. Her passing marks the end of an era. 

Al with her sisters and Henry.










Hanging out with Osita.










Entertaining puppy Blue.








September 19th we lost Nico, one of the mosquito shack puppies. A truly joyful dog who had just turned 6. Severely immune-compromised, she wasn't expected to live as long as she did.










Always at my feet (sometimes frustratingly so), life is a little lonely without her. 

The day she came home.










Half grown and starting to lose fur.

Walking with Bette.








Apoquel improved her quality of life, but it could only hold back the tide for so long.







Me, Nico and Agnes.










This was a long, heavy post and it's only October ...maybe next time I'll tell you a scary story ...ooooh ...about unsustainable development in an ecologically delicate 'protected' area... boo! 









Thursday, December 31, 2020

Auld Lang Syne

The last 12 months or so have aged me in dog years.
Since the last post we've said goodbye to 3 more friends.

George and Gracies' only boy, Truman Chapotle, passed at the beginning of November. He was an awesome dog. 

Truman with little Willy a few years ago


a little angel


smiling in the sunshine with Zasu


Archie had his last trip to the vet early December. 

He was our most vigilant protector of the yard


He was brilliant, silly and a great friend to many. 

Rolling in cow poo on a walk with Miles


Helping Shirley get comfy when she was new and not feeling well


My girl Tuesday is no more.

In her favorite spot at sunset


Lung cancer took her mid-November and I wasn't ready.

A few years ago -Zasu, me, Tuesday and Monkey


Archie, Bean, Reggie and Tuesday: loved and missed


Within hours of Tuesday's passing a man showed up with a wounded stray. The little thing was horribly matted and there was a lot of blood. As usual I didn't think to document it until we were well underway. That matted fur on her back was solid and infested.
Wounds dressed and getting a haircut







Considered calling her Wednesday (it was a Wednesday) but her name became Agnes. Still sedated, matted hair removed








A high-pitched bark and high maintenance coat are not my favorite but that isn't her fault. She's a young, rowdy goofball, busy unlearning an array of bad habits


Aggie is now healed and spayed. She likes sleeping in hammocks, barking and kicking ass. Playing with Joy


It isn't easy to lose old friends, but such sweet new friends help. 

Wishing everyone a hopeful new year. May we all have some good to help with the bad. 

A better photo of newbie Rhubarb's short legs and stubby tail

Saturday, October 24, 2020

2020 thus far

Apparently I post annually now, which means there is a lot to cover. 

The year did not begin easily. We said good-bye to our friend Gracie on January 2, 2020. With us since 2007, she was a great friend and big part of our lives. 

Gracie's last day, spent in the sunshine with Wombat at her side








On February 14th we said goodbye to our Zasu. After more than 22 years together I may never grow accustomed to her absence. 

100s of photos to choose from, this one from a few years ago suits her










Two of Gracie's daughters









and Blue (airborne)








...succumbed to their particular ailments soon after their Mom 

(Feb. 28 and March 25).


We had a few months before Ernie, who had been suffering from a neurological problem, had his final trip to the vet on July 11. 

Even when getting around was becoming difficult for him, he liked to be in the middle of the action

Tupo, Evo, Ernie Ruby and Rose








An old favorite of Ernie, flanked by Archie and Otto







Many happy years with Ernie, Gracie, Bean, Blue and Zasu, too many to do them justice with a blog post. All brilliant, loving, vibrant dogs! The weight of their loss is crushing, but I'm glad to have known them and contributed to their lives. 


At the end of December we took in a puppy that was doing poorly. 

We named her Clementine










With Lenny (still one of her best pals), Zasu and Biscuit








Clementine and gang in January







Spayed and thriving, Clementine and Lenny in August










In February a stray had puppies in the bushes near our house










Sean kept her well fed and found homes for her pups. She took up residence under our Jeep until he took her to be spayed. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with an advanced case of heart worm and had to be euthanized. She was a nice dog, we were sad we couldn't do more. 

Since then another pair of dogs have made themselves at home under the Jeep; we call them Belle and Loverboy.  This time our intervention came before puppies. 

The pandemic has compounded the time and stress of taking dogs to the vet. We're hoping, more than ever, that someone doesn't poison them. 

One of Clementine's litter mates took to spending time with the sterilized callejeros, so at the end of September we had her spayed as well. 

Rhubarb (pre-naming) escorts Sean on a swim







She made it clear she'd rather be inside than outside of the yard by chewing a hole through the fence, into the area where we kept her after surgery.

She's wonderful- with big paws and a stubby tail (you'll have to take my word on the tail until i get a better picture)









A few pictures of Xmul for everyone who misses her:

with Pete


digging holes with her pals Reina and Willy


under the neem tree with Reina and Ramona


shots of some of the rest of the crew:

Evo chasing insect shadows


he and Rocky do this all day, come sun


or rain


sister Rosie is not interested in their game


Herbie, Rosie and Willy, all curly-tailed dogs



sisters Bindy and Biscuit


Nico, Jojo, Peaches (foreground)

Evo on bug watch, Clementine and Boomer (rear)





Far above the doggie hijinx, warbler chicks on their last day in the nest