Monday, August 20, 2018

have puppies, need homes

In the previous update I introduced these cuties.

They'd been living in this burrow about a block away.  
Someone poisoned at least 5 dogs in the area and we worried the same would happen to their mother.

Three weeks later and they're ready to be adopted. 

They are all fat and happy.

They're nearly weaned and are eating solid food.

I think she's had enough.

No ticks or fleas.

Some are a little shaggy.

The others have short coats.

There are a few stout ones and a few little squirts.

They'll be well socialised. Perl says hi.

A few have solid colored coats, most are spotted, all are adorable.

Contact me if you can adopt.

Friday, August 10, 2018 recap...

Since the last update we've had to say good-bye to a few old friends.  

Ziggy, Tito and Henry


The 3 girls dumped in February are now called Gilda, Jane and Joy. They are fun, sweet-tempered dogs.
Picture of Gilda from June 2018 (Jojo foreground).

Unfortunately Joy has hip problems which cause her significant pain and will need surgery. Despite this she is aptly named. 
Gilda and Joy attack.

Jane has had no health problems since her broken leg healed. 
Jane and Joy.

All 3 have been spayed -just in time to be big sisters. 
Jane and Joy play with the wee ones.

May 3 Sean returned from a day in Merida to find 4 abandoned puppies in the nearby bushes. The smallest of them did not survive. 

The remaining sisters are called Bindy, Biscuit and Boomer.
Bindy mid-May (she's part hippopotamus),

Biscuit (a pillow for Henry, early June),

and Boomer (mid-May) with Nico, Xmul, Sean and Murci.

It hasn't been all puppies, there were visiting bees

morning runs,

pitaya flowers,

then fruit.

Summer is a time of many milestones for us. July 29 was the 1st anniversary of finding 9 abandoned puppies; they are all happy, healthy, loved and sterilized. The occasion was marred by a street full of dead (poisoned) street dogs. They were not 'ours' but we knew and cared for all of them. We'd known some for years and the girls had been spayed. I'll spare you and myself a photo.

July 31 we brought in a stray and her 9 puppies. She had a burrow about a block away, in an open lot, where we'd been taking her food and water. It was a no win situation since we'd be worried to distraction either way -worried for their safety because of hot days, hard rain, and now a dog killer, but also worried for our sanity if they were to survive and fill the area with loud, hungry, fecund dogs. 
We'll be desperate for homes for them as soon as they're weaned!
She is unnamed, friendly and sensible.  

They are in a private pen. 6 females (+ mom) and only 3 males. 
Did I mention we're desperate to find them homes?

Less than a week later, Aug 6, we heard something unhappy nearby. It was this poor little fellow, all alone. He isn't even properly weaned but he's brave. We've named him Willy because we're so happy he's a boy. 

Aug 06, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

shaggy sisters

Days have been busy, due in no small part to the influx of abandoned young animals. Kittens dumped in January, rehomed through our vet.

February started with these 3 pups, all girls.

All adorable and good natured

though currently a bit scruffy.

The traditional bath photos:

She had a limp which turned out to be a fracture.
mandatory time outs

supervised play time
closely watched

Nina (of the 9) has been spayed and a few of her brothers have been neutered. We're swimming upstream but we're getting there.

These beauties are already responding to their mange treatments.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

a series of mostly unfortunate events

Dark times since the last update. A miserable end to a difficult year. 
While still coming to terms with the death of Twiggy, Frankie died from what we believe was a snake bite. We were with her until the end and did what we could. She was a sweetheart who adored people. 
I rarely take photos when a dog is unwell, except to send to the vet
I do however have pictures of the puppies.

The photos are roughly in chronological order. After at least a week in quarantine the puppies got to meet everyone. Otto was one of the first to say hello. I suspect their mom looked like him because they all tried to nurse. 
Herbie and Otto, early August.

Evo and Hugo in front of Jojo and Dulce.

Reina and Peanut were fascinated with Eddie the rooster. Unfortunately, days after this shot, larger dogs managed to breach the enclosure and put a swift and violent end to Eddie. Sorry Eddie. I miss you.

Dogs found this guy in the yard at the end of September. Everyone involved was shocked. He spent a few days with us and our vet found a home for him. 

He was the star of the show while he was here, Luna and Frida were transfixed. It was a welcome distraction for Luna.

She was diagnosed with the same condition as her recently deceased sister Twiggy, and had a similarly rapid decline and demise. I'm worn down, we haven't been able to mourn for one before another is gone.


The puppies' skin and stomach problems were clearing up so they could finally be vaccinated to be rehomed. We had someone interested in 2 when 3 more stray pups turned up who took their place.  
The 9 little rascals continue to grow. We call this guy Wombat.

Already bone tired and sad, I got the news that my dad was in hospital. I left as soon as I could and he died before I arrived. I spent a week in the US and Sean was alone with all the dogs. It wasn't easy for either of us. 
The puppies have been one of the few bright spots.

Well-named Dulcita in early October. In the background, Peanut is nearly as big as Brooklyn. We had Brooklyn spayed, and a tumor removed from Zoot but other things had to be postponed. Elewah was diagnosed with heart worm and the treatment is expensive and time sensitive.

A moment with Herbie, Peaches and Reina before the bad news worsens.

Sean's mom was murdered, there are no words or answers.
His brother was arrested, which is preposterous.
I've been submerging myself in puppies as a buffer to this world.

Greatful for 20 years with Zasu -and Sean.

Mid-November and it's getting difficult to tell the puppies from the rest.
Xmul insists she is a puppy. She'll soon be leaving us for a few months.

Nico is plagued by health problems but is so silly and joyful. 
I hope I deserve the way she looks at me.
Herbie in my lap (end of November).

We intend to hold the next sterilization clinic in January.  
More work than hours in the day to keep us occupied until then.  
Sean works while dogs rest (Peaches foreground).