Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the 3rd one's a charmer

You would think by now I'd be immune to their cuteness. Evidently I am not. This little girl showed up 8 days after her brother. As mentioned in the previous post, we're calling her Gowron. Well, we think it's funny. Maybe someone will take pity and adopt her, spare her having such a ridiculous name.
she is tiny and fluffy:

She's a little wobbly but I'm sure she'll catch up to her siblings in no time. She's already showing signs of being the mouthy one.
it's always the small one:

the unbearable cuteness of being:

after the mandatory delousing, Frijolita says hi:

Godzilla and Rumsfeld don't know they have silly names:

Otto makes his introductions:

enough already, you can stay:

Maldi thinks puppies are great fun.He claims Rumsfeld for his own:

the 3rd (and final?!) pup:

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