Saturday, August 9, 2008


Miles Davis Monroe, our West Virginia buddy. We've done a lot of traveling together, from WV, to Pittsburgh, to Portland, to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. We found him through Petfinder at the Marion County Humane Society. They were (and I'm sure still are) doing a lot with a little and could use donations.
He came home with us on New Year's eve, Dec.31 2003. Life was a lot different then. Less dogs, more cats, we had furniture and we wore shoes.
Miles seemed impossibly small and fragile to us at first. We know better now.
He was scrawny and couldn't figure out stairs (that took many months!). Now he's a happy and buff little dog
who can outrun us all!
He has a deep and unrelenting hatred of motorized vehicles. Nothing can dissuade him from barking at them. What could we do but move far from traffic?

young Miles, dapper in his harness:

Pittsburgh spring 2004:

Miles and Zasu (our WV dogs) enjoy their new home:

Soon after the move to Mexico
(ah, the days of furniture...).small dog on a big chair:

You can't always walk on the beach.

Miles was never too fond of other dogs (ruffians!) but he's coming around.
napping with wee Archie:

walking with Gracie:

although he usually insists on having personal space,
not even Miles can resist Oscar:

He has grown into a pretty mellow dog...unless he gets the zips, hears an engine, or thinks he might get beans. He REALLY loves beans. We love our Miles Monroe! He is a funny fellow with an iron will.
it's hard to get a shot of him, he's low and fast:

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