Monday, August 4, 2008


Rochester was the last of the Others to move in. It took him a long while to make up his mind about us. I've learned a lot about dogs but no more than Chester has about people. He's a smart fellow and wants to please. He isn't sure why he shouldn't chase cats but he's willing to give it a try. A few of Gracie's pups bear a striking resemblance to him. He's incredibly affectionate now. I'm constantly amazed by how much he has changed (he could still use a little more work on housebreaking).

This was as close as he would get for the first six months.with George and Grace, waiting for grub:

Once the rest of his pack moved in, he took to lurking around the perimeter.
under the bush at our gate:

He's just jazzed about being on the show, man! After Gracie and her pups moved in, he drove us crazy for a few weeks -slinking around, circling the property and barking at all hours. He would join us on walks but not come into the yard. Finally, he trotted through the gate and stayed. Now he prefers being in the house, on something soft.
here he is in his Batman costume:

he was much noisier on the other side of the fence but he's still a little excitable :

Chester likes inside and cozy spots:

Otto & Chester are kindred spirits:

he and Ginger enjoy a mellow moment at dusk:

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