Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bette & Shirley

Nothing I say about Bette can do her justice. Bette is made of rocks and love.
she is a visitor favorite:

We met her at a restaurant on the edge of town where she was scavenging. She was young, skinny and  a little cockeyed. We were without a camera at the time, so I don't have any early pictures of her.
a few months later (back when we still had a bed):

Pure-hearted and thick-headed, she is heavy for her size and hard to deter.
you will be licked:

she is the best playmate a horde of puppies could ask for:

Shirley came a later, November '07. We've come to suspect that she might be Betty's mom or sister. The similarities are uncanny -in appearance (including an under bite), disposition and habits. It seems unlikely but not impossible (besides, we've suspected that we have some sort of improbability field at work around us for some time now).
what a face:

She was a wreck! We saw her limping around the center of town when we came out of the market.
skinny, mangy and on 3 legs:

after her first bath:

day one, Bette checks her out:

Shirley made herself at home and got to work recovering.
here she's napping with Archie:

getting better is tiring. napping with Sean:

eating her veggies....mmm, beets:

all better and out for a walk:

Jan '08, already hard to tell apart:

in motion:

at rest:

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