Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Henry, he's a hell of a guy! That what I always tell him and it's the truth. We met...back in Feb'06. Sean and I were biking home from town when we stopped to talk to the mailman. I saw the dog eventually to be known as Henry and went to visit with him. He was completely matted with spiny burrs. They're known locally as xmul (sounds like shmool). He must have been miserable, he couldn't move or rest without jabbing himself. He followed us home and has been here ever since. He's only small on the outside. To those that don't like small dogs -I say you just don't know Henry.
we imagine that if he spoke, he'd sound like Gabby Hayes:

day one, after the de-xmooling:

He weighed next to nothing, we called him our balsa wood dog.
he was mostly fur:

now he's a substantial little fellow that runs with the big dogs:

he isn't always the center of attention:

but he's always part of what's happening:

He's a dog of many names...Humpy Buttons, Fozie Bear, Mr Piddles... Amanda calls him Phillip:

he suffers through bad haircuts without a complaint (maybe that's why he's hiding?):

Henry is a hell of a guy:

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