Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oscar & Otto

When electricity, internet and inclination get an update.
Today is all about the brothers Oscar and Otto. They were purchased by someone locally to be used as watchdogs , but he soon found out that dogs eat a lot and don't behave like they do on television. I appreciate him offering them to us, instead of dumping them in the woods as per the local custom. It was the beginning of 2007, during one of our many camera-less times. They were about 7 months old. There was nothing that I wanted less right then than two more dogs but we said yes and I'm glad we did. They are both great fellows.

Meet Oscar
, he's the more mellow of the pair. He's gentle and thoughtful:

saying hi to the new guy:

sleeping with wee Rita:

napping with Sean:

The left side of his face is a little droopier than the right. It might be from me pinching his cheek and telling him how handsome he is. It just makes him that much cuter.relaxing on the porch:

This handsome devil is his brother Otto.
He's making great progress with his fear of thunderstorms and power tools. If only he would tone down the barking. Ah well, we're all a work in progress. He is high strung enough that he occasionally reminds me of my old pal Pig.
in the yard:

in water:

on land:

in hammock:

Otto in the lead:

Otto (l) and Oscar (r) happy together:

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