Thursday, June 5, 2008

las tres hermanas

The three sisters. Alice, Lucy and Ginger. Our secret dogs. They are nervous around company so no one but us gets to know them. They are fun and strange, loyal and fierce. There were 4 but now there are 3. I'll skip the dark spots of the story and focus on the living. Someday, maybe, a post for the dead.
They are redheads and came to us long before we were ready. I wouldn't trade them for the world.
Alice, Lucy and Ginger...the three sisters.

Alice loves silly voices and puppies. She and Lucy share a brain although Lucy got most of it.
wee Alice was no bigger than Henry:

big aunt Alice:

goofy girl:

Lucy likes hammocks and getting her way.wee Lucy was angelic:

big Lucy will cut a bitch:

resting up for her next caper:

Ginger likes making strange noises and funny faces. She, like the Yucatan, is bizarre and wonderful.Ginger greets the dawn with song:



the sisters at dusk:
l-r: Lucy, Ginger, Alice

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