Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the Others

A brief pictorial history of the dogs we used to call "the others", George, Gracie and Rochester. They and their offspring comprise half of our little family.
They lived nearby at an army base and barked at us when we walked by. Gradually we got to know each other. Gracie had her litter Oct 7th. A little less than a month later, the soldiers were ordered to remove the dogs from the base. They were nice enough to let us know so we showed up with laundry baskets and relocated the puppies. Gracie followed along. George followed Gracie. Rochester spent a few weeks lurking outside of the property and barking at all hours. We just couldn't win him over. He started going along on morning runs, shadowing our dogs, always just out of reach. One day he followed them back into the yard and he's been here ever since.

George and Gracie.

Rochester, or Chester as he has come to be called, was a very nervous fellow.

George and pregnant Gracie, waiting for breakfast.

Gracie and her pups. A friend in need.

Puppy wheel. All eight of the little buggers.

Happy family. Godzilla looks up to her pop.

George and Godzilla. Two of a kind.

Chester is enjoying the good life. Doesn't he look pleased?

George and Gracie, happy (and infertile) together.

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