Sunday, January 2, 2011

let sleeping dogs lie

...or the short, violent, life of a well-loved hammock.

Cool temperatures have made my hammock the place to be.

Tito and Shirley demonstrate how to get cozy in 3 easy steps.




Henry likes hammock now that his fur is short (and he's much more pleasant company since having his teeth cleaned).
Henry and Otto are a light load for hammock:

Lucy joins Otto, the weight increases:

Lucy stretches out for a snooze:

Shirley gets rowdy:

She promises she'll behave:


Poor hammock, a hole means it's not much longer for this world.
Monkey's alignment is chaotic neutral:

Bette, Shirley and Tuesday form a solid lump of coziness.

Hammock is straining:

Valiant hammock has survived the year.
Tito and Henry join the girls for a nap: