Tuesday, May 10, 2016

puppy love

Wednesday, April 27, the Kinchil firemen that come to Celestun to fill cisterns brought a puppy they found at the remote cenote (where they fill the truck). They saw 2 puppies but one ran off.

She was ridiculously infested with fleas and has a broken tail but is fine.

Looking much better after a bath and intensive flea removal. 
She has a great temperament and settled in immediately.

We're calling her Pearl(a). Or Perl.
Her broken tail is adorable.

As are her tiny paws.

Perl under Xmul, for scale.

Sean considers learning to juggle. Tito is not amused.

Twelve days after Pearl, May 9th, look what the bomberos found! 
(She immediately pooped on Sean!)

Poor baby, all alone for nearly 2 weeks!

After her delousing, I may need one.
She's full of worms but otherwise surprisingly fit.

Say hello to my little friend.

We're trying out Ruby for a name. She's a bit bigger than her sister. Murci says hello.