Tuesday, November 17, 2015

mosquito shack update

As it turns out the mosquito shack is still in use by the man who built it, the aptly named Angel. Our paths just hadn't crossed lately. He was aware of the puppies and had been feeding and getting to know the adults. 
We were relieved to know that someone else would be keeping an eye on them and that they were welcome where they had taken refuge.

All the adults were skinnier than they should have been for eating regularly. 
We suspected ehrlichiosis and Sean is making sure they each get a pill every day for 21 days.

This is exactly a month after the previous photos. Angel has given everyone names and found homes for at least 4 of them!

This charmer is called Hulk. He and 2 of his brother have been adopted by friends or family of Angel. We'll work on convincing them to have them sterilized.

All of the adults are great with the puppies, even around food!
Hulk shares with Loba and his mom Solitaria.
The antibiotics seem to have done the trick because the adults are putting on weight.

Isn't Sola pretty? She and Ringo wait for food.
He is looking much better than he was a month ago!
Now that she's done nursing (after they've all finished their treatment for ehrlichiosis) we're going to have the adults sterilized. Angel said he would secure a place to keep them and watch over them for a few days after surgeries.

There are many details to be worked out and at least 4 puppies still need homes, but so far life has been kinder to these dogs than we could have hoped when we first discovered them. Most dogs that are abandoned in these woods starve or succumb to illness. Angel's kindheartedness and Sean's medical interventions brought Solitaria back from the brink. The future is uncertain, but at least they have a chance for something besides a short life of misery.

Friday, November 13, 2015

damp days

I'll update on the saga of the strays and puppies soon. 
Suffice it to say that so far they're doing well.

I haven't been taking my camera on walks so here are a few shots of home life.
Days have been mercifully uneventful. 
Sugar and daughter Minya are the center of attention.

Sugar is the least graceful cat I have ever met! 
It's only a matter of time until I get video of her falling off of something.
She is also a loudmouth!

It's easy to be the center of attention here -just eat something.

3 spotted dogs, Pete, Gracie and Archie.

Beautiful Shirley loves her toys.

Miles and Zasu have seen a lot together-
from Pittsburgh, to Portland, to the Yucatan.

Brothers Pete and Steve asleep by my desk.
When they're awake they are in constant competition.

One of the palm trees has started to produce coconuts.
The bees love it!

The pitayas produced 2 gorgeous fruits. 
We ate one and left one for the birds.

Large mantis on a 'mother of thousands' plant. 
Both are awesomely creepy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

clinic day part II

Sunday, on the way home from the clinic to feed our horde, we stopped by to check on/feed a group of dumped dogs that Sean came across a few weeks ago.  

They have found some degree of shelter in a disused camp/homestead in the woods but have grown worryingly thin.

This sweet girl is skeletal, nervous and nursing.

While putting out food I heard the unmistakable squeals of puppies.

We know the person who lives at this camp and that he hadn't been using it lately so I went in to investigate.

The mosquitoes are terrible.

We gave them water and made sure their mom ate.

8 puppies in all. I don't know what we can do for them.

This is a poignant discovery for us because it has been almost exactly 7 years since we brought in Gracie and her 8 puppies. All of those dogs are still our family and I can't bear the thought of them growing up hungry and homeless.

A bit depressing but fitting that we discovered them on the day of the clinic. Small victories are important but the problems are enormous, they won't be solved easily or overnight. Helpful suggestions and homes for these pups needed!

clinic day

The clinic went well! 38 animals sterilized! 
Nine males and 28 females. Mostly dogs and a few cats.
Thanks to the team assembled by Dra. Sandra at Pets & Company and everyone who donated!

Thanks to Pronatura Celestun for the use of their building.

The weather was beautiful and the line formed early.

Dogs and cats are closely monitored in the recovery room.

Jackeline (in white) was there ALL day keeping things running smoothly. She is also responsible for securing the donation of medication from the Centro de Salud. We couldn't have done it without her!

Sean, Hueso and his very nice dog that he saved from the garbage dump! He was rightly proud of her and her being up to date on her rabies shots. She was spayed and we'll be giving her a distemper vaccination when we remove her stitches.

When we were picking up lunch for the surgical team (paid for by the municipio!) we stopped by to visit one of our favorite beach dogs, neutered at the 1st clinic. Handsome Brian aka Caramelo is a great guy and it seems like he's been staying out of trouble. 
If the C.S Celestun SSY (Health Center) is willing to continue to provide the Zelazol we can hold more regular clinics. We're going to take a moment to be happy about this one, but the next clinic is tentatively planned for January.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Tomorrow is the next clinic! Vets and veterinary students will be arriving in the morning! We'll be doing this and future clinics under the name CADA (Celestuneos Associados en Defensa de Animales). 

Celestunea Jackeline has been a great help and managed to secure government funds to cover the most expensive medication needed for the surgeries. That means that in addition to sterilizations we'll be offering mange treatment and rabies and distemper vaccinations! Thank you everyone who contributed! I'll update with photos from the event as soon as I can.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another September

Isn't Zoila getting big? At 4 months old she's 1/2 as tall as Xmul!
At the slow rate fund raising is going we'll be able to have her spayed at the clinic.

With the arrival of rain I built a dog house for her mom and sister (the strays) which was promptly stolen. Since then both dogs have gone missing.  
We hope for the best but they were probably poisoned like the dogs of friends in town. To compound that loss most of theirs were sterilized, some at the last clinic. Senseless. 
I'm trying to focus on the little victories to get through this accursed season.
The heart marking on Zoila's nose suits her -she's a sweetheart!

With so many dogs September is ...pungent, with a fair amount of energy spent on keeping the outside outside. Thunder, no matter how distant, is cause for dog reactions varying from amplified to petrified. 
It is nice to see the flora enjoying the weather.
The pitaya in the sea grape has finally flowered -as did a coconut palm!

After dinner is play time! There are at least 4 distinct playgroups in this shot. Knowing them as individuals is the key to maintaining harmony. Some dogs (for example Twiggy, black dog w/ orange collar) are like the kids that always take advantage of substitute teachers.

Upside down Cookie is the center of attention.
Puppy wrestling at dusk.

Heading out on a morning walk with Lily on a leash to slow the pace.

Two pairs of sisters on my heel.  
Eve and Blue set a great example for June and Zoila.

Zoila and Junebug out and about in their new big girl collars.

Here comes Junebug!


A review of my Aug/Sept posts reveal that it is traditionally a trying time.  
For example it has been 4 years since the appearance of the Tribe. 
In retrospect I don't know how we managed!
Zoot and friends at a salt pond.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The beat goes on

It's been hard to find a rhythm again without Tori. 
I remind myself we've been lucky to have known so many of our friends for many years.
April may be adorable but she's a warrior.

Matriarch Zasu is the epitome of aging gracefully.

Henry has been with us since the beginning. 
He and Xmul at sunset.

Xmul and Mo have been friends since they were puppies.

We planted a pineapple top back then and it finally bore fruit! 4 years for one little pineapple! It was really good though!

Our sweet nervous Bosha has gone back to be with her original person. She had been unable to care for her 4 years ago, but things have changed and she wanted her back. Bosha loves her and we knew she'd be happier in a calmer home. We'll keep an eye on her and make sure she stays up to date on her heart worm preventative.
Bosha heading to her new home.

Making the next clinic happen has been weighing heavily on me but I seem to have been rendered inert by grief. Maintaining the dogs and mustering enough enthusiasm to pacify them is all I've been able to manage. We had hoped to have Cookie spayed then, but we couldn't wait any longer. Many people with dogs here don't have the option of going to a vet in the city. Another clinic is long overdue! 
I can't set the date until we've raised enough to cover costs; we aren't in a position to cover a deficit at the moment. This time the vets will be doing mostly females, increasing the amount of anesthesia needed -so we need to raise at least 1200US to cover costs.
We are securing a larger space this time around and Dra. Sandra will be bringing more vets. The incoming mayor has voiced an interest in allocating funds for future clinics. We hope that will happen and think that a good 'buzz' surrounding this clinic will improve the chances that it will.
Cookie's surgery and recovery went perfectly.

If you've seen my Twitter feed (or you know us at all) you know we brought in the 2 puppies that were in a burrow down the lane. 
Junebug the pup and Eddie the rooster regard each other.

Zoila spends some quality time with Monkey.

Zoila and Junebug like the beach!

They weren't so sure about the water.

We've finally started getting rain so everything is nice and green, and the mosquitoes haven't been too bad (yet). Some things don't change; hot days and early mornings are a constant, as is Stella's willfulness. She can't be trusted off the leash. Every time I forget, she reminds me!
Clever, lovely Stella.