Thursday, July 23, 2015

The beat goes on

It's been hard to find a rhythm again without Tori. 
I remind myself we've been lucky to have known so many of our friends for many years.
April may be adorable but she's a warrior.

Matriarch Zasu is the epitome of aging gracefully.

Henry has been with us since the beginning. 
He and Xmul at sunset.

Xmul and Mo have been friends since they were puppies.

We planted a pineapple top back then and it finally bore fruit! 4 years for one little pineapple! It was really good though!

Our sweet nervous Bosha has gone back to be with her original person. She had been unable to care for her 4 years ago, but things have changed and she wanted her back. Bosha loves her and we knew she'd be happier in a calmer home. We'll keep an eye on her and make sure she stays up to date on her heart worm preventative.
Bosha heading to her new home.

Making the next clinic happen has been weighing heavily on me but I seem to have been rendered inert by grief. Maintaining the dogs and mustering enough enthusiasm to pacify them is all I've been able to manage. We had hoped to have Cookie spayed then, but we couldn't wait any longer. Many people with dogs here don't have the option of going to a vet in the city. Another clinic is long overdue! 
I can't set the date until we've raised enough to cover costs; we aren't in a position to cover a deficit at the moment. This time the vets will be doing mostly females, increasing the amount of anesthesia needed -so we need to raise at least 1200US to cover costs.
We are securing a larger space this time around and Dra. Sandra will be bringing more vets. The incoming mayor has voiced an interest in allocating funds for future clinics. We hope that will happen and think that a good 'buzz' surrounding this clinic will improve the chances that it will.
Cookie's surgery and recovery went perfectly.

If you've seen my Twitter feed (or you know us at all) you know we brought in the 2 puppies that were in a burrow down the lane. 
Junebug the pup and Eddie the rooster regard each other.

Zoila spends some quality time with Monkey.

Zoila and Junebug like the beach!

They weren't so sure about the water.

We've finally started getting rain so everything is nice and green, and the mosquitoes haven't been too bad (yet). Some things don't change; hot days and early mornings are a constant, as is Stella's willfulness. She can't be trusted off the leash. Every time I forget, she reminds me!
Clever, lovely Stella.