Wednesday, November 12, 2014

X marks the Spot.

Over the last few years we've occasionally taken other peoples' dogs to be sterilized at ADAY in Merida -a low cost, all volunteer clinic.  At the end of October Sean took 6 dogs and we hope to repeat this a few more times this year. We intend to arrange a place in Celestun to hold clinics closer to home next year.
Blanco at the clinic after neutering.

Two dogs ready for surgery.

Machucon and Bombo, dogs we had spayed and neutered previously, watch over the return of their friends.

Returned by way of the flooded streets of Celestun.  We're lucky to live outside of town on higher ground, but this is terrible for the people/animals in this neighborhood!

The plants have been loving the rain and the bugs have been less overwhelming than recent years. We've been encouraging the growth of baybean on our beach side fence and it has been a popular spot for all manner of bird, lizard and bee.   

Dear old cat friend Spot is no more and his absence is tangible. Nothing I say about him could do him justice; he was a force of nature and he is missed. 

I had nearly given up on seeing this bougainvillea bloom.

Video from Sean's Nov.3rd morning run:

Ginger has been having some health problems, but she's doing well enough to enjoy a walk to see the flamingos.
November morning walk.
Zoot after a good roll in poo.

Where the road becomes water.