Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lil'squirts: Tupo,Coco &Nico

We've been calling the 3 newbies the little squirts, though they won't be little for long. Most of these shots are from January.
Tupo out for a walk with Linda and Tito.

Tupo fronts a group shot.

Coco is lovely.

Nico couldn't be sweeter.

Early January shot of Tupo.

Nico and Otto.

Monkey and Tito with Coco on one of her first outings.


Coco gets used to being on a leash.

Linda watches Coco and Monkey.

Taking a break.

Tito, Henry and Zasu leave the puppies at home and go for an old dog stroll.

Tuesday sleeps with one eye open.