Monday, November 10, 2008

autumn '08

It has been a mellow few weeks. Dogs have been recovering from surgeries, the pack has been remarkably quiet. Muy tranquila. I'd like to think it's improvement, but it's probably a lull. Everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Eve and Bette relax:

Reggie naps:

Alice and Gowron take a break:

Henry and Reggie (I can't believe how big he is already!) lounge:

It isn't all napping. We still make time for walks.
Miles and Gowron follow Sean:

Zasu thinks I'm too slow:

Gracie is recovered and feeling fine:

Zasu, Miles and Gowron stroll:

Reggie, getting some air:

Reggie and his dirty little sister FluffyG:

Gowron, FluffyG, Sweet Pea has many names, but one expression... happy:

still happy:

this was a fun group, Tuesday, Gowron, Miles and Henry:

Tuesday and Gowron, a little puppy fu on the way home:

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