Thursday, March 5, 2009

Re: Rufus

Well, let's's been windy.
tongues are flapping and poor Henry needs a haircut:

Sean -nearly always working, but never lonely:

Rufus is
doing fine, but for a minor bladder infection. We're nearly certain which beach dog is his Mom, she spends a fair amount of time barking in our general direction. Lately she has had a few pups trailing her, and last week we flushed them out of the woods while we were walking. Initially I didn't think that Rufus was from the same litter because he's much smaller than the others. It's amazing that he made it to us, he covered a lot of ground for being such a sick little guy. He must have gotten separated from his family and headed towards the sound of dogs.
When I first saw him by our gate (alerted by the pack, of course) and went to retrieve him, he did his best to avoid me and went straight for the dogs. You might think that *Jehovah* dogs barking and jumping furiously at the fence would be intimidating to such a little guy, but apparently not.
Come to think of it, that's what Maldi, while a squirrel-sized kitten, did too.

Rufus says it was all part of his plan:

taking on Oscar:

Oscar is not impressed:

Tuesday and Gowron chew on him a little:

chewed on and spit out

he likes Greta best:

Rufus gets some sun and Sean gets a face full of Shirley:

Truman oversees the housebreaking:

I'm working on a circus act to help pay for dog food.
today only...Rufus the Magnificent and Roni Ninefingers:

beautiful boy:

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  1. Hey, is your room orange now? Awesome! And yes.. Rufus is ridiculously cute.