Friday, December 14, 2012

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Countdown to the apocalypse.

Hazel 's bum leg (from a break) is much stronger.  
She and Linda are inseparable.

Linda has finally lured Hazel into the water.  
She won't swim yet, but she'll wade.

She likes to run with the bigger girls too.

She's learned that it's sometimes wiser to stand still.
When Lucy and Lily speed past.

When she finds herself between Shirley, Zoot and a butterfly.

Tito stands aside for no one!

Tito runs along the property we've begun renting. 
We intend to turn it into a dog rehab/exercise area (and eventually spay/neuter clinic).  
It's a bit inland, near our house and on our main walking trail.

It was a shrimp farm; the existing building is odd and in extreme disrepair.  It's flanked by 2 large concrete pads with hangar type frames. There are concrete pools, at least one of which we're going to use as a swimming pool for dogs with hip problems. 
Lots of work to be done!


Otto has recovered from tendon surgery and can go on walks again!
Blue, Otto and Linda

A few random cute pairings:
Eve and Henry
Alice and Osita
Monkey and Blue

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