Thursday, July 20, 2017

lost and found

New life in the palm tree.
Two chicks, days before they left their impressively engineered nest.

One less friend. Our Twiggy was suffering from multiple health problems and had a rapid decline. This is one of the last pictures of her, fittingly between her sister/rival Xmul, and Xasu who helped raise them both.

JoJo, Rose and Rocky have been spayed, cones are off, and stitches are out.  Not a moment too soon for us; they were dangerous with those things on!

Rose is as big as Xmul now. All 3 of them are.

Xmul, Zasu, June, Murci and Tuesday. Zasu helped raise them all. 
She's 20 years old and always in the middle of things.

Excited faces...what could it be? Zasu knows.

Sean found her along the road by herself. She wasn't from any of the nearby houses and she nearly climbed into the Jeep on her own.

1st bath (and an undeniable resemblance to Twiggy).

We're calling her Brooklyn.

Big ears and markings like Twiggy, but not the ornery temperament. We were hoping for a break from the constant influx of dogs (and eventual spayings) but she has made sure we don't regret it by being an absolute sweetheart and the least trouble a puppy can be.

Look at those long legs -she may end up Twiggy-sized. $o much dog food!

Rocky was her size a few months ago

She and the older pups play all day and half the night, with the occasional nap.

Brooklyn tries to get Monkey to join in... Monkey is not having it.

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